Will work directly with your insurance company, relieving you from out of pocket costs.

Storm Damage – Hail Damage – Wind Damage – Water Damage

The initial response to the loss is integral in timely and cost effective recovery. It also relieves the insurance company of the potential for secondary damage.

Quick Response: Within hours our professional team will be on-site, they will begin to protect your property and its’ contents while beginning the clean up and restoration processes.

Assessment and Action: Our expertise and experience allows us to act quickly minimizing secondary damage and loss of business claims.

Our large scale demolition crew will handle the aftermath of a fire, flooding or storm while our structural engineers assess the structural damage.

Large On-Call Work Force: Allows us a quick response and immediate action with adequate manpower.

Board Ups: Securing the property to avoid theft, vandalism and trespassing.

Shoring: Structurally securing the building to avoid collapse which could result in further damage to the building, damage to personal property and injury.

Water Extraction and Water Removal: Our Water Remediation Division is on call 24/7 and will be on site promptly protecting your property from further water damage, extract water and begin the drying process.

Temporary Services: We provide emergency power including onsite generators or restoring the buildings existing power. Roof repairs including emergency patch work and tarps. Plumbing repairs to main water pipes and sprinkler system.

Contents Protection and Content Removal: Much of the damage to the contents of the building can be avoided with proper handling in the beginning, from blocking furniture, covering personal property or complete removal of salvageable contents.

Board Ups, Emergency Power, Content Removal, Damage Restoration