Dear Glen,

I want to take a moment and acknowledge the workmanship and professionalism of yur entire team.

The past few months have been stressful in dealing with the unexpected water damage to the basement and personal property. As this is your business, you and your crew made this situation as comfortable as something such as this could possibly be.

I dealt with different individuals throughout the process and each one was an outstanding reflection of the team you have created. I can’t say enough about Art Keizel and Chris Falkiewicz for their patience and guidance throughout the entire process. They were thorough and patient with every question I asked and walked me through the unexpected.

Chris and his crew have been polite and respectful of our home. There was never a question of who was in my home or what they were doing. They completed their daily tasks efficiently and respectfully. You promised that the home would be restored back to its original condition with everything in its place. Mission accomplished!

Thank you to you and all of your restoration team for making an unfortunate circumstance more tolerable than ever expected.


– Karen E. DiVito


My family and I were out of town when a microburst caused an enormous tree to blow down, directly onto to the roof of our house.  There was extensive roof and structural damage, not to mention the water damage from the rain that came in through the crushed roof.  I received several phone calls from concerned neighbors alerting me to this disturbing turn of events.  My wife wanted to cancel our vacation, and return home immediately.  However, I wanted to explore other options rather than cancelling our vacation, if at all possible.  For this to happen, I would have to be completely comfortable with a disaster recovery service, that I would be able to trust them during the critical initial stages of emergency mediation.

After scouring the internet and making a number of phone calls, I was able to speak with Glen Hankins, owner of Powerhouse Restoration.  We spoke for over an hour, and by the time the call was finished, I certainly understood that Glen knew exactly what needed to be done, had the resources to make it happen, and managed to instill enough trust in me that I turned the job over to him immediately.  I have not had one regret since!

Glen’s team began the next day, and coordinated with me and with my insurance company.  He was very cognizant of how disconcerting it was for my family and me to be out of town, and kept me fully informed every step of the way.  He uploaded detailed photos and descriptions of the work being performed into a spreadsheet, that was updated on a daily basis.  I was able to access this information at all times, which greatly enhanced my comfort level with the entire process.

When we returned home, we were amazed to see how professionally the disaster mitigation had been handled.  The areas in which major work had been done (I.e. removal of ceilings, walls, insulation, etc.) were left clean enough that we were able to live in the house during this period, rather than having to move to a hotel (which our kids did NOT want to do).  Great care had been taken to move artwork and furniture, etc., to clean, safe areas of the house, where they would not be damaged.

The rebuilding project spanned several months, during which time we came to appreciate the professionalism, politeness, and friendliness of the Powerhouse crew.  All of the work was performed to a very high level of quality (and believe me, I am very demanding in this area!), and work areas were always left neat and clean.

Glen, Chris, and their crew exceeded my highest expectations, beginning with that difficult day when we first learned of the damage, through completion of the project.  I rarely write testimonials, however since Powerhouse has proven themselves to be such an exceptional organization, I feel compelled to share my experience.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of the services, which they offer.

– Jim Hauser

We went through a long rehab process with Glen and we have nothing but the kindest things to say about Glen and his crew. He is the first contractor that I met who is not out to screw with homeowner’s finances.

We have a top floor duplex that had an upstairs family room with two attached decks that had leaks. Water leaked into our lower level which required Glen and his crew to replace and reconfigure my decks, replace roof, replace drywall, and insulation in living room and bedroom, and replace and re-finish wood floors on the lower level. Their work was outstanding.

I was thrilled with Glen. He was timely. His guys are extremely polite and they work fast, but they also pay attention to the little details. I asked to have his guys start at 7 or 7:30am since I left early in the morning. They were always there, courteous, and helpful. I remember they painted a room for us and my wife was not thrilled about the color she had picked. They immediately repainted it for us even though it was our own fault for picking a hideous color. Most companies would have charged for that, they did not. Nice guys.

We even had him perform a remodeling job that was not covered by insurance (install a full bath) and the job his guys did on our bath was phenomenal. He has a crew member by the name of Bernardo who is probably the best and hardest working carpenter I have ever met.

I normally do not tust anybody in this business because so many people have been taken advantage of by contractors. Glen’s company is the first company I ever trusted and is the only one I can recommend. I will use Glen and his crew to do future side jobs.

– Mike Elliott

Dear Mr. Hankins:

Thank you for a speedy and complete repair job at our business. Your thoroughness and professionalism was greatly appreciated after the wind and water damage done to our building. I am pleased to recommend Powerhouse Restoration, Inc. to everyone in need of your services.

– Les Shea Jr.
Exec Assistance
Rogan Granitindustrie, Inc.

Dear Mr. Hankins:

Just a note to let you know how professional and thorough you and your company was during our flood. You carried out the work in a timely fashion and were very thoughtful and helpful during a trying time.

Thanks once again.

Keith Gallaugher
Warehouse Manager