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One of the absolute worst things that a homeowner could discover in his or her home is the presence of mold and mold spores. Most people can smell mold and know what visible mold looks like if they happen to see it starting to grow in the corners of their showers. However, mold in your home can be sneaky and hide in places that you would not think (or be able) to look.

At Powerhouse Restoration, our mold cleanup experts are here to help you battle any and all mold growth in your home, office, or property. Mold contamination can be deadly and have serious consequences on the structural integrity of your building. People need to have fresh air when they are living or working in a building, and they also should be able to trust that the building is structurally sound. With a mold problem, safety and well-being may be called into question.

How Does Mold Growth Happen?

Mold problems usually begin because there is some type of emergency situation which causes standing water to accumulate. It could be a busted pipe, a serious storm, a leaking roof, or many other reasons. No matter the cause, the standing water causes the area to become a damp location. This, in turn, develops into a breeding ground for mold.

Mold grows when the circumstances are just right. This means that there is dampness, darkness, and warm temperatures. In commercial buildings, this could be in areas where the pipes run through or the basements. For residential properties, you could have moldy materials found in basements, storm cellars, or behind walls and insulation.

Why Are Mold Spores Bad for Your Home or Commercial Property?

Mold spores, in particular, are bad for your home or commercial property in Elk Grove Village, IL, because they are microscopic and can travel easily through the air until they land on something that will enable them to grow into a full infestation.

Because they are so tiny, these spores can fit into the air conditioner (or other parts of the HVAC system), behind walls, in vents, and within any crevice. Spores can even travel on our clothing or your pets’ fur. Once the spores have landed in an area that they deem fit for growth, the mold situation will quickly become much worse. Mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours of the water damage that you may be dealing with.

5 Tips for Mold Remediation

Obviously, preventing mold is one of the best defenses for combatting this nasty invader into your home or building. You should also have your business or home tested for any mold activity or increased moisture levels to ensure that you are not preparing the right environment for mold to grow.

If you have not been able to prevent mold from attacking your home or business, you must act quickly. Here are 5 tips for handling any mold problems:

  • Clean visible mold immediately: If you notice a small affected area (small than 10 square feet) of mold, you can clean the area yourself using detergent and water or a bleach solution. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and other personal protective equipment while working with potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Eliminate the source of the moisture problem: When moisture is present, the potential for mold growth is always there. It is important that you identify where the moisture is coming from and eliminate it. This could mean getting new insulation, repairing your roof, fixing pipes, or getting a better fan in the bathroom.
  • Document all of the mold in your home or business: You will want to take pictures and videos of the mold prior to any major mold removal activities. This will help you with figuring out a solid mold remediation plan as well as dealing with any kind of liability and insurance.
  • Isolate affected areas with mold contamination: In an effort to stop the spread of mold throughout the rest of the building, you need to cut off the infected area. Mold cleanup can take place in the rooms where mold was identified, and the isolation efforts will work to ensure that no spores are spread during that process.
  • Contact an experienced mold remediation company in Elk Grove Village, IL: When you have a major mold outbreak, it is wise to contact a mold removal company that has the experience, tools, and industrial-strength products to eliminate the mold quickly and efficiently.

At Powerhouse Restoration, our experts use products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the most advanced techniques to remove mold effectively without spreading it to other areas of the home or business. We understand that mold can cause serious health issues as well as building integrity problems, so we work diligently to get rid of your issue.

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Water damage and mold can be devastating for a home or business, and our team is dedicated to helping residents and business owners return their buildings to pre-loss condition. This includes extraction, drying, dehumidifying, and cleanup services.

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