• Common Reasons for Mold Growth

As a homeowner, there is a chance you have experienced mold growth in your home at least once. Yes, mold growth can be an utter nightmare!

The unpleasant smell and how dangerous it can be to us can certainly create anxiety and trouble for us in our homes and commercial sites. But the good news is that mold can be controlled. Further, mold remediation professionals are present in the Elk Grove Village area to help with mold remediation and mold removal services.

It is best to act fast when dealing with mold spores within your home or commercial property. It is certainly an issue because it can affect your property and your health. If you are looking to minimize your long-term and short-term costs when it comes to mold issues and their consequences, work with our team at Power House Restoration today for mold remediation.

We have the knowledge, experience, and overall expertise in the Elk Grove Village area to meet your needs. Our team at Power House Restoration can provide mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold removal services in your indoor environment.

If you notice visible mold and want to remove existing mold on your property in the Elk Grove Village area, our team at Power House Restoration is here for you.

In the meantime, it is best to know about the origins of mold and how you can minimize instances of excessive mold growth on your property in the Elk Grove Village area. Here are a few of the six common reasons for mold growth.

Six Common Reasons for Mold Growth

Did you know mold needs a specific environment to grow? Conditions including food sources, warmth, oxygen, and moisture are some of the factors that contribute to it.

Mold can grow anywhere in your house. Be it in the kitchen, basement, bathroom, cabinets. Indeed, mold can grow anywhere if given the right conditions.

The best way to control mold growth is to look for its common causes. Let us look at the six most common causes of mold and why it happens.

#1. Leaking Pipes

There is nothing worse than a leaking pipe. And yes, it serves as an open nest to mold. Leaking pipes that are out of sight like in the ceiling or inside a wall are the main culprits. Out-of-sight leaking pipes are bad because, by the time you find out about them, mold has already built a colony.

You can notice that leaking pipes may be present due to freezing temperatures, issues within the HVAC system, or other matters. Whatever the case may be, this brings about moisture problems and requires you to reach out to the right mold remediation professionals.

It is here where you would want to call your local team at Power House Restoration to conduct mold testing, mold remediation, and general mold removal as quickly as possible.

#2. Humidity

If your house is not well ventilated, there is a chance of mold. Lack of ventilation is not only harmful to our health, but it also serves for mold growth. If it has been raining in your area for several days now, you might be able to spot mold growth on walls and other surfaces. It is due to wet air. Moreover, drying clothes on indoor stands is a real culprit when it comes to indoor humidity problems.

Remember to think about how mold grows and to have enough ventilation in your home and commercial property to minimize the onset of mold within your vicinity.

#3. Leaks in Roof

Just like leaking pipes, leaks in the roof are quite problematic. Because it’s not easily discovered by the time you can spot it, you may be too late. The best you can do is keep an eye on leaks and look for discoloration or other signals that indicate water leaks within the roof.

Your home’s roof is critical in more ways than one and regular inspections in Elk Grove Village IL can certainly be of great help.

#4. Water 

Of course, there is no life without water. As much as you cannot live without it, it is the same case for mold. As a real driver of issues, mold needs wet surfaces to grow. look for water building around the foundation of your house or other areas on your property. It can lead to several problems for the base of your home. Especially when it is raining, be careful to dry the surface as quickly as you can.

#5. Flooding

As stated above, one of the most significant contributing factors of mold growth is water. And so, if your area has been affected by water, pay extra attention to it. Be careful and get rid of it as soon as possible. Keep in mind mold needs 24 hours to grow.

There are instances when the humidity levels will be high and when you will have excessive moisture due to flooding issues, and this will require further professional assistance.

#6. Leaks in Air Condition System

One of the most common features of the home is an air conditioning system. But it can be a reason for the growth of a specific mold known as mucor.

Mucor is an allergic mold that grows quickly in white patches below the leaking air conditioning system. It can also occur due to condensation build-up. To prevent the various hassles associated here, always check the ducting and filters of your air conditioners to ensure that there are no leaks or condensation build-up.

Quick Tips on How to Prevent Mold Growth 

Here are quick tips on how you would want to prevent mold growth.

  • Always keep your house well ventilated. Open windows, and let the sunlight in during the day. Check the humidity levels and keep them below 50%. You can use exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Keep a clothes dryer stand outside the house.
  • Call professional services to look for any leaks in the home, including roof, wall, ceiling, etc.
  • After a flood, get the house completely dried up within 24 hours.
  • Before you get the home interior painted, get the walls washed once thoroughly. By doing so, it acts as a mold inhibitor to the paint.
  • You can use a mold-killing product in red areas like bathrooms.
  • Replace wet carpets. It is better not to use carpets in areas where there is a lot of moisture, like a basement.

If you are looking for help with remediation and need someone to determine the extent of the issues within your property, reach out to our remediation services today. We understand water damage and have dealt with a wide variety of concerns with regard to this matter and will be there for you.

Work With Us at Power House Restoration For Molds in Elk Grove Village IL

To sum it up, it is natural for mold growth to take place. The best you can do is be extra vigilant towards it. Look for ways as to how and what measures you need to take to prevent them. If you spot it, always get it cleaned up.

Be aware of the causes so you can prevent them from getting together. If you notice mold growth in your house, the best you can do is get professional help.

Call the professional services at Power House Restoration for molds to take care of these issues today