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Thousands of families have to grapple with burst pipes and leaky plumbing systems every year. In essence, leaky plumbing and burst piping systems can cause much damage that you may or may not replace. Remember that your ability to replace or deal with the damage greatly depends on whether you will catch the burst or leak in time.

Unfortunately, most of the plumbing leaks and pipe bursts will come when they are least expected. Thus, even though the strain of the repair costs associated with burst pipes and leaky plumbing systems can be draining, the potential for further destruction remains a troublesome thing to think about at that moment. Further, the health risks associated with such severe leaks emerge as a greater cause for concern.

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The Harm Caused by Burst Pipes and Leaky Plumbing 

They are not the pipe bursts and leaky pipes that cause harm in most cases. Instead, it is the mildew and mold that thrive in humid conditions that cause most health issues and property damages. In addition, such hazards can lead to a significant slew of respiratory disorders, putting both the inhabitants of the house and other property in great danger.

Here is a list of dangers associated with burst pipes and leaky plumbing systems.


#1 Health Effects Due to Issues in Hampshire Il

The dangers of leaky plumbing systems and burst pipes in your house have nothing to do with the running volumes of water.

At first, the few drops of water that ooze from your plumbing systems and leaky pipes may not seem like something that needs dire attention. Instead, the problems that the waters create tend to escalate the hazard. However, concerns will start when the damp spots created by the pipes and plumbing systems cause wet challenges like the accumulation of black molds and other types of fungus.

In reality, molds and other fungi that thrive in moist conditions may lead to allergic reactions among some people. Similarly, the allergens may cause skin irritations and soreness in the airways like the throat and nose. People living in mold-infested houses may also complain of cold symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes. In addition, molds could be extremely detrimental among people with asthma as they will exacerbate the symptoms.

#2 Hazards from Burst Water Pipes

The problem of leaky water pipes goes beyond the average damping effect. In most cases, people will think that when their water pipes start leaking, only the region around the footpath will get a bit wet or present with an innocuous problem. Nonetheless, researches have revealed that the situation could be more dangerous depending on the area and type of pipe experiencing leakages.

A 2015 study conducted by Sheffield University has shown that contaminants can enter your home’s water system through leaky water pipes. In essence, the problem can be exacerbated when the leak or pipe burst is experienced in an area with a lot of dirt as the system may grant easy entry of contaminants into the system from the point of leakage.

Apart from the hygienic concerns, mechanical issues are tied to burst pipes and leaky plumbing systems. For instance, there are tendencies that the upper regions of your house may fail to get enough water supplies. Your home will start experiencing dynamic pressure drop as the velocity in the water pipes decreases.

#3 The Financial Impact 

There’s the financial burden associated with leaky plumbing systems and burst water pipes if they are left unchecked for long. Every experienced plumber will warn you that even the least water drips that may not cause alarm in the short term can emerge into a costly repair in the long run. Remember, your pipes will be more vulnerable bursts in some periods of the year, as the winter season. Therefore, it is always a great idea to seek the attention of a leak detection expert any time you notice a leak to avoid the excessive repairs that will come when the system is left unchecked.


Remember, having water drip anywhere within your plumbing system can be a great disaster in waiting as it will cause damage to crucial building materials like wood and plasters. In addition, the scenario could leave you with expensive repairs even in instances where the drips from your plumbing systems do not cause leakage. However, you may curb the need to deal with such costly repairs by ensuring that any slight problem is dealt with as soon as it is identified.


Similarly, it would help if you remembered that each water drip attributed to the leaky plumbing systems and burst pipes technically amounts to a shift on your water meter reading. In this case, every wasted water drop amounts to a bill that you will have to pay at the end of the month. It explains why you must look into ways of dealing with the repairs as early as possible.

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  • Pumping grease traps
  • Sump Pump repairs
  • Flood Control Systems
  • Water Damage

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