• covid cleaning chicago Illinois

Powerhouse Restoration Inc has been cleaning and disinfecting properties after bacterial, microbial and viral contamination for over 15 years. Our equipment is state of the art and goes far beyond what a cleaning service can provide.

Not only can we send and Army of people to you Office or place of business to wipe down surfaces with the Industries top Biocides, but we also offer treatments that others can not.

-Ozone Generators. c We have Ozone generators that can clean 10’of thousands of square feet in just hours. Attached is a link from a recent Yahoo Finance article. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ozones-effectiveness-killing-sars-coronavirus-000000776.html

-Ultraviolet Light generators. We have large UV air cleaning equipment. UV has proven in studies to eliminate Viruses.

-Thermal Fogging: Our equipment can take biocides and antimicrobial and turn them into a mist or fog. This will allow viruses to be killed in areas that can not be reached by hand. We can disinfect your HVAC systems and improve the overall indoor air quality.

Powerhouse Restoration inc can come out and perform a one time clean or you can choose a weekly maintenance program.

Pleas call 847-758-8308 to set up a consultation.