Chicago Fire Damage Repair

Fire will have a lasting effect on your life. From dealing with insurance companies to cleaning up after the fire has been extinguished, the process will be life changing. We offer Chicago fire damage repair services that will allow you to resume life in a safe, smoke-free dwelling. Using the latest in techniques and equipment, we can help salvage furniture, clothing and other belongings damaged in the fire.

Powerhouse Restoration Inc. will work to first assess the damage that has taken place. We will work closely with insurance adjusters to accurately document the damage that has taken place and help speed up the restoration process. For emergency fire relief, contact us today at (773) 594-6011!

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The Consequences of Smoke Damage

Fire damage is just the start of the damage caused. More often than not, the smoke caused by the fire is what will linger in the home and have lasting consequences if not removed properly.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our Chicago fire damage restoration team will be able to remove:

  • Tar
  • Radioactive particles
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Allergens

Carcinogens may also have to be removed due to smoke particles. Our specialists will analyze your home, furniture, toys, electronics, flooring and even clothing to assess the damage. Using specialty techniques, we are often able to save the items that mean the most to your family.

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Chicago Fire Damage Restoration

The faster you call us, the easier it will be to properly restore your home back to pre-fire condition. If smoke is left to linger, it will eventually contaminate other areas of the home, ultimately leading to excess restoration being needed. Smoke particles being microscopic and this will only add to the worries of a homeowner.

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Upon calling, we will be able to spring into action to help you keep damage to a minimum. We will protect your home by first closing off any exposed areas so that your home is safe from the elements. We will put up tarps to minimize any further damage and to reduce the possibility of thefts occurring.

Following our securing procedure, we will be able to section off the damaged area of the home. This is done to ensure that harmful smoke particles do not make their way to areas that were not where the source of the fire occurred. We will use a mix of negative ventilation and dehumidifying techniques to ensure contaminants and damage does not spread.

Afterwards, we will begin the restoration process wherein we will help you salvage your most prized possessions. Our goal is to meet your entire Chicago fire damage repair needs and we will do our utmost to make sure that you can return to life without a constant reminder of the fire that has occurred.

If you need a Chicago fire damage restoration professional to come to your home, call Powerhouse Restoration Inc. at (773) 594-6011. You can also contact us online here. We offer fast, effective relief from fire damage to your home or property!

I have used Powerhouse Restoration on a few insurance claims and even referred him to others. Always the same result. Professional and quality work.


We used Powerhouse Restoration after we had some water damage. They were awesome to deal with and did amazing work.