• The type of water damage

Water damage is an extensive term used to describe a wide set of damages caused by water. Some examples of water damage include flooding, burst pipes, leaking pipes and faucets, compromised appliances, and sewage backup.

While you do not plan to have a water damage issue necessitating a water damage restoration, accidents can occur.

Additionally, your Elk Grove Village Il home and business appliances can fail at any time causing water damage. The average lifespan of water machine plumbing supply pipes, for example, is 8 to 9 years. It’s natural for the appliance to start leaking water after a decade of use.

Knowing what it will cost to restore water damage in Grove Village is useful and can save you from further water damage when the need for a restoration arises.


The type of water damage

Generally, the average cost for materials for water damage restoration in Elk Grove Village Illinois for many scenarios is $13 per square foot.  This cost is exclusive of the labor and other costs that might arise relative to the water damage the Elk Grove Village Il property has suffered.

As a general rule, clean water damage in Elk Grove Village Illinois will cost less than dry water damage. Damage from a leaking washing machine will generally be cheaper to repair than damage from a backed-up sewage pipe. The main reason is that dirty water causes more damage, requires specialized equipment and chemicals to remediate, and could pose a health risk for the contractors.

The location of the restoration company

A local restoration company in Elk Grove Village will be cheaper than a company from outside your area. For one, the specialized equipment that is required for such work has to be transported within proximity of where you live and thus requires less travel time and expense on behalf of the contractor. Secondly, there are certifications or licenses which must-have if you’re looking to hire someone who does this type of work professionally; hiring somebody without them might lead not only to higher costs but also inferior results.

A local contractor has local certifications and licenses, thereby he or she does not need to pay additional costs when working to restore water damage in your Elk Grove Village property. Technicians from outside the local Elk Grove area might have to pay for licensure in the locality, and that cost will be passed on to you.

The contractor’s location is important for the cost factor because of water damage. You should treat all water damages as an emergency and call a local company in Elk Grove Village to fix it before more harm comes about. The importance of hiring a reputable, experienced construction contractor cannot be overstated; they are your best line of defense against expensive repairs due to natural disasters such as flooding or firefighting efforts that may cause even greater structural damage than the original incident was able to inflict on its own accord! Flooded floors can become breeding grounds for dangerous mold spores if left unchecked too long after experiencing significant amounts of moisture exposure from these types of incidents.


There’s a high cost associated with having water damage that is not dealt with over time. The longer the issue goes unattended, the more expensive it becomes because of how much work you’ll have to do to fix everything. You might even need new floors and surfaces if left alone for too long!

Elk Grove Village, IL Taxes and Permits

Taxes contribute to the cost of a water damage restoration as well. The local authorities have to collect taxes. Additionally, the contractors have to pay taxes on their income. You will want to familiarize yourself with the tax deductibles’ provisions applicable to your Elk Grove Village property.

Some water damage restoration costs might be tax-deductible, thereby lowering your cost of the remediation.

Contractors have to obtain permits as well. This is especially the case where there is an additional health risk associated with remediation.

Mold growth requires special techniques to remove and remediate, for example. The local Elk Grove Village public health officials might require some permits to ensure that the removal does not affect neighboring properties for example.

In other cases, sewage backup repairs might necessitate access to the public sewer system. For that access, the contractor might need permits from the local Elk Grove Village government officials.


The value of the damaged property

When water damage restoration experts undertake to restore a water-damaged property, they might be liable for additional damages to the property. Where the water damage is on an expensive property, the restoration experts are likely to charge more.

A reputable  water damage professionals in Elk Grove Village like Powerhouse Restoration will have the necessary insurance to cover any damage they might cause or any injuries they might suffer.

What other local companies in Elk Grove Village, IL are charging

The business of water damage restoration happens in the economic context of the Elk Grove Village, IL Reality. That then means that the costs associated with water restoration will be consistent with what other comparable companies in the area are charging. The Elk Grove Village, IL  market will often affect how much you pay for water damage restoration.

Additional services provided

Water damage restoration providers in Grove Village Il 60007, Park Ridge, and nearby zip codes can also provide additional professional services. An example is advice on how to prevent water damage in the future. Another would be advice on what materials to use to restore damaged surfaces.

Services such as carpet cleaning and disaster water removal services will cost more. The Elk Grove Village Il company should give you free estimates on costs for additional services, however.

Another would be additional services to cover damage caused by the water but not directly attributable to the water. An example is smoke remediation for smoke damage caused by an electrical fire whose main cause is short-circuiting because of the water damage. The contractors can also offer advice on heating and cooling systems consistent with the local Elk Grove Village environment and energy laws.

What should you expect the cost to restore water damage in Grove Village Il to be?

After considering all the cost drivers discussed here, an Elk Grove Village il 60007 resident should expect to pay anywhere between $2,600 and $2,800.

Please note that there is just a guide based on average costs paid by Elk Grove Village property owners in recent years. The actual cost you pay could be higher or lower depending on factors specific to your situation.

A person with Elk Grove Village Il water damage insurance will pay significantly lower, sometimes nothing, because the cover pays for the damage.

At Powerhouse Restoration, we are considerate and only charge what is fair for our labor, equipment, and expertise.

Our main goal with water damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, mold remediation, and other services is to quickly restore the property to its original state.

As experts with decades of experience, we understand the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies and can advise accordingly on what to claim.

We are a 24 hours A+ BBB-rated certified local Elk Grove Village company.

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