Emergency Tarps

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Emergency tarps are needed when there is not a simple remedy to your roofing problems. If your roof has broken in a storm or because of old age, you will need to keep further damage from occurring. While roofing jobs are not immediate, a tarp can keep all of the natural elements, such as water, outside of your home.

These tarps are utilized by our team extensively so that we can provide a proper restoration for your home or building. We know how a little rain can cause severe ceiling, structural and flooding damage. Oftentimes, we put these tarps in place until the proper weather conditions allow us to restore your roof.

Roof Repair

Let our licensed team come out and fix all of your roofing problems. We are here 24 hours a day to ensure that if an emergency arises, we are able to quickly put a halt to further damage. We do much more than simply cover your roof with emergency tarps. We can repair the entire roof and we even provide a warranty to back up our work.

Water Extraction

If a hole in your roof has caused water to leak into your home, we can provide our expertise in water extraction. We can pump out all of the water and ensure that the inside of your home is completely dry.

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Mold Inspection and Removal

If you are like most homeowners, you are petrified that the water has caused your home to experience mold growth. Our team is comprised of disaster relief specialists that can test, verify and remove any mold that has grown in your home.

With our team, we have specialists available at all times to help you find relief from roof damage. We offer round the clock services that will ensure damage is kept to a minimum and that your home is safe to live in. The emergency tarps we offer are our first line of defense while we completely rectify your roofing problem. We service Chicago and many surrounding suburbs. Give us a call today!

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I have used Powerhouse Restoration on a few insurance claims and even referred him to others. Always the same result. Professional and quality work.


We used Powerhouse Restoration after we had some water damage. They were awesome to deal with and did amazing work.