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Theodore Roosevelt National Park has always been an exciting trip for most tourists and locals. Its abundant wildlife, scenic drives, and rugged Badlands are some of the things that make the park stand out.

It honors the most significant American President, Theodore Roosevelt, and it is home to thousands of wildlife. Located in the remote prairies of Western North Dakota, it is characterized by a stunning and majestic landscape of manicured gold course, geological landforms, and hundreds of grazing mustangs (wild horses) and hunts Bison.

Roosevelt established an exceptional legacy, and you can learn much about him at the Visitor Center Museum.

The North Unit, South Unit, and the Elkhorn Unit are the three sections of the park. The Elkhorn unit divides the south and north unit 68 miles apart. Because of its proximity to Medora, the South Unit is more popular compared to the other sections.

One of the less-explored areas in the south unit is the petrified forest. If you’re working with limited time, the south unit is a great place to explore, but if you have extra time, don’t fail to visit the north unit for a scenic drive with fewer crowds. Here are a few things that you can do when you visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


Maltese Cross Ranch Cabin


It is located right behind the South Unit Visitor Center. Teddy Roosevelt built it during his ranching and hunting days in North Dakota. The cabin was sold to a couple of different owners, including the Daughters of the American Revolution, before moving and restoring it into its original state in 1959. This has made it convenient for the public to visit and explore the cabin.

Moreover, if you are exploring the cabin, you will encounter original items used by the President, including a rocking chair, trunk, a writing desk, among others. It also offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn how the President lived; the cabin has a living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

The Maltese Cross Ranch Cabin should be a must-visit when you are in the park as it offers the fascinating life experience of America’s only cowboy President.

Prairie Dog Towns

Spot the critters at Prairie Dog Town

Black-tailed prairie dogs are one of the most famous mammals that live in the park. You will spot hundreds of these critters at the Prairie Dog Town Overlook. The prairie dogs bark in high-pitched noises once they encounter predators. These critters burrow their homes and live in communities called towns.

Unique characteristics about these critters are that they always guard their burrows, bark, and jump up or down if a foreigner gets close to their homes. Besides, these dogs nibble on weeds or grasses since they are herbivores animals.

You will enjoy your trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park as these prairie dogs are abundant, and they give a scenic nature throughout the park. You will spot them throughout your visit to the park.

See The Herds Of Bison On Your Way.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the best spots in the state to see abundant wildlife such as majestic Bison. You will be able to spot and interact with these mammals once you’re in the park. The American Bisons are one of the largest mammals found in Roosevelt national park north. Besides, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the largest homes in Chicago, Illinois, that accommodates hundreds of Bison and other fascinating animals like bighorn sheep, elk, etc.

Unlike other national parks, Roosevelt Park homes hundreds of Bison, making it fascinating and enjoyable. Roosevelt Park invests in its conservation to ensure the animals and their habitats are well protected. It has made it possible for the Bison to roam openly in the states today.

Bison are the stars of the national parks. You will be pretty sure to find the Bison when you drive through the north unit Scenic drive connecting all the historical and scientific interests in the south unit Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Finding Bison can be tricky when going, but with the giant poops on the road, you’re sure they are closer. Sometimes, Bison can react instinctively and swiftly when people get close to them; therefore, it is wise to watch them from a distance.

Boicourt Trail In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Most long backcountry paths and several short tracks can be found in the south units. The Boicourt trail and Boicourt overlook are favorite hiking trails in the Roosevelt Theodore National Park. Boicourt trail leads to a spectacular view of the North Dakota Badlands and rolling prairies about halfway on the scenic drives.

Take your joysticks and look for horses and roaming Bison on the plains. Take your time here—I think that’s one of the park’s absolute best views. It’s a very short round trip, about 800 meters long, so you don’t have to bring heavy backpacks and lots of water. Just bring your camera!

Sunset At Wind Canyon Trail

An experience of the sunset in the wind canyon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the best things to do.

It is yet another tiny and splendid trail that goes down the river Little Missouri with breathtaking views. Unfortunately, only 0.4 miles (650 meters) is the trail itself.

The Wind Canyon Trail is spectacular, with a great view of the Little Missouri River and a cool bison, and you will enjoy the sight of it.

Fun And Easy Hikes

There are lengthy backcountry walks when you stop at the Canyon Visitor Center and other visitor centers. There is a knee-deep river that you will have to cross, so it is recommended that you bring along a change of shoes.

There are short walks in the Roosevelt national park north, which means you won’t have to commit yourself to long-lasting hikes. Views are available from various places, and on short walks, you can walk across multiple terrains. Some of them are steep, but most of them are relatively short sections.

Why You Should Visit Roosevelt Park.

Nature has its own kind of vibe and healing. If you plan to indulge in some outdoor tranquility in Florida, then make Roosevelt Park top of your bucket list.

Whether wildlife, scenic landscape, or just a peek at cowboy president’s history, the park has got you covered every time, anytime. Florida’s best nature tranquility awaits you.