• Water damage and water cleaning

No matter how water entered your home or business, cleaning it up can be a complex process of getting rid of the water, cleaning the area, and restoring any structural damage. Broken sewer lines and flooding bring contamination from waste and toxic chemicals.

Cleaning up after those events requires extra steps. You can see why water damage restoration is a serious issue by learning more about the nature of water damage.
If your home or business has suffered some flooding from leaking pipes, sewage leaks, or roof damage, you should call on a Chicago water damage restoration specialist to remove the water, clean up the mess, and restore anything that was damaged.

The Nature Of Water Damage

Water damage from leaks, burst pipes, and natural disasters can cause problems that go well beyond the obvious. A foundation leak can damage a building’s structure by undermining the foundation. Water leaks in a wall can bring unwanted mold growth.

Many, if not most, water damage events in homes and businesses come from potable water from faucets, washing machines, and dishwashers. Certain water sources in the home carry an elevated risk of sickness, which means the water and the cleanup need to be handled differently. Sewage backups always involve water contaminated by pathogens. Floodwaters almost always carry biological and chemical contaminants.

Most water damage scenarios involve leaks from appliances, roof leaks, or toilets overflowing. Usually, these things cause minor flooding and little or no structural damage. Other water damage scenarios, like a burst water main or a major leak in your foundation, can cause significant structural damage to the building over time. In the Chicago area, pipes can freeze, then burst, causing a massive water leak in a building or under it.

Whenever you have a major leak at a residential or commercial property, you can easily find yourself faced with a flood. A water damage restoration company will have to come in to dry out the affected area and repair things.
We have certified technicians and the equipment it takes to handle water problems for residential and commercial customers in and around Chicago. We offer emergency services around the area as well, so don’t hesitate to call when a flood happens.

Water Removal Processes

Most people think of water cleanup and water damage restoration as being a couple of standardized processes that deal with water. This is somewhat true, but the nature of the water drying process that restoration services use.

The first step any a water damage scenario is to remove as much water as possible, along with any waterlogged items in the area. The second step is to remove water-damaged structural materials and do some more moisture removal. The last step, in a major water damage event, is to call in a contractor to repair structural damage.


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Water Extraction

A water damage restoration expert will first remove as much water as possible, in order to prevent more property damage from happening. The water removal process can call for several types of specialized equipment used for structural drying:
Wet vacuums to suck up standing water
Air movers to encourage air circulation that will carry away some of the moisture
Dehumidifiers to pull excess moisture out of the air
Air scrubbers to get the moldy, musty smell out of the air

In extreme cases, a flooded basement, for example, the water damage restoration service might have to pump standing water out of the home, but wet vacuums often get the job done. Water extraction services routinely use those tools to prepare an area for restoration work and repair work that always follows a flooding event.
We are water mitigation experts serving Chicago, and property owners around Cook County.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a common side effect of flooding. Mold only needs oxygen, water, and a porous surface to settle on. All of those things are readily available in a space that just experienced flooding from burst pipes, roof leaks, or an overflowing toilet. You must act fast to stop mold growth and the issues it causes.

Mold removal is a task best left to professionals. The spores spread very easily, often using air ducts to move around the building. Black mold also poses a health risk to those who try to remove it without the right equipment and training. Mold prevention or remediation is a standard water restoration task.

Quick action is the key to avoiding further damage to your property. Call us for immediate help. We can provide a free estimate of the cleanup cost or work with your insurance company in a major water damage event. Most insurance companies cover flooding that is caused by a leaking pipe, a broken sewer line, or a leaking appliance.

Water Damage Repair

After drying out the affected area, damage restoration services remove any waterlogged items that remain. This may mean pulling up carpets and padding, tearing out hardwood floors, or taking down drywall. Wet furniture and rugs would definitely have to go.

Baseboards might have to be removed and replaced. Some of those items can be dried, deodorized, and put back in the home. Upholstered items may be cleaned up and dried out. Area rugs may also be salvageable.

If the flood was a big one, debris cleanup is going to be part of the cleanup process too. Structural damage may have to be taken care of next. All water damage repair services have experience working with contractors and engineers to effect structural repairs.

Water that leaked into walls, subfloors, or ceilings might need to be removed at this point. We may have to redeploy dehumidifiers or air movers at that point. If the damage is serious, a structural engineer may be called in to evaluate the building. All water damage repair services should be willing and able to work with insurance agents to get major water damage cleaned up.

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If you have experienced water damage from a leak, a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, call us as soon as possible. We promise a rapid response to your flooding emergency.
Water Damage Restoration Services

Repairing the damage and returning the home to its original condition might be two distinct steps. If a flood causes substantial damage, the flood restoration process will go on to a construction phase where your water damage repair specialist works with a contractor to replace flooring and wall panels.

You may have to buy new furniture or floor coverings though. A hardwood floor or vinyl tiles may have to be replaced. If the basement game area flooded, the furniture might be impossible to dry up and clean.

If your Chicago property has suffered water damage for any reason, you should take immediate action to prevent mold, bacterial growth, and additional water damage.

Call the Water Damage Restoration in Chicago

If you’ve suffered storm damage or flooding from a broken pipe, we hope you will call us right away to survey the damage and offer a free estimate. Our business serves residential and commercial customers in Chicago and the surrounding area. When disaster strikes give us a call right away!